Connecting Doors - 1st Cycle

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The series Connecting Doors is specially designed for the new English as a Second Language program for adult education. This innovative material will help teachers propose concrete activities based on real-life situations, even in the context of multilevel classroom. The collection integrates grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking tasks in an easy-to-use format. 

Connecting Doors covers the complete Common Core Basic Education Program for adult education. For the Secondary Cycle One courses, the collection includes two workbooks, ANG-1101-4, Satisfying Consumer Needs, and ANG-2101-4, Establishing Connections.

Cahier d'apprentissage pour l'élève en version papier

Corrigé du cahier en version papier

Prétest, situations d'évaluations et corrigé (PDF) en version numérique

Fichiers audios (MP3) et transcriptions (PDF)
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