Writing Skills I

| ANG-5104-1 | Adulte 5 | English

The supplementary writing courses in the Connecting Doors series lead students to explore the features, purposes and target audiences of different text types. While integrating grammar, listening, speaking and vocabulary-building activities, students are guided through a process that allows them to write realistic, well-organized texts, such as formal letters, personal journals, instructions, notes, emails and blogs, in response to a real-life situation.

The writing courses meet the needs of teachers and students following the Diversified Basic Education Program for English as a Second Language, even in the context of multilevel classrooms.

  • Activity sequencing through learning situations in compliance with the new curriculum
  • Texts and activities that students can carry over to their daily lives
  • Easy to follow structure​


Guide-corrigé numérique
The digital teaching guide includes :

  • An answer key for all exercises and reading activities in both student workbooks 
  • Supplementary grammar activities focusing on verb tenses
  • Cloze exercises to build vocabulary related to the course themes
  • Writing workshop exercises to support paragraph structure and the organization of ideas when writing a text
  • Two Evaluation Situations including answer keys to accompany each course
  • Transcripts of all audio content to support the development of listening skills
  • Model texts related to the course with word banks of appropriate text features (dear diary, notes, emails etc.)


Pour l'élève numérique
Student Workbook in PDF version.

Student Workbook in paper version.