Unit 7 - Hoaxes

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Unit 7 - Hoaxes

In this unit, students will read texts about famous hoaxes, and some less well known. In doing so, they will deepen their knowledge of certain hoaxes while learning about new ones. Throughout the unit, students will generalize beyond the text and reflect about the context of the hoaxes, their motives and their consequences.



Here is the content of the Digital Teacher's Toolkit ''Pour l'enseignant":


1. Reproductible material

  • Pedagogical notes
  • Support | All texts, questions and exercices in the activity book are modified for students who have difficulties
  • Enrichment | An additional text including questions and consolidation activities, is available for student who need more challenges
  • Grammar exercices
    • Phrasal verbs
    • Synonyms and antonyms
    • Cognates
    • Idiomatic expressions
  • Mini-grammar tests
  • Texts and questions to print (What Is a Hoax? and Alien Autopsy 1995)
  • Answer Key



2. Material to project in class

Interactive grammar tools | To energize the teaching of grammar.

Project this interactive tool in the classroom, which allows you to virtually manipulate words based on various grammatical concept:

  • English verb tenses
  • Pronouns and possessives
  • Pronunciation of regular verbs
  • Plural forms of nouns
  • Spelling of -ing and -ed forms
  • Asking questions



Would you Rather...? activities | Fun interactive activities linked to the theme that stimulate conversation.

Let your students have zany conversations and debate over odd subjects with this interactive version of the popular Would You Rather game. It’s a playful way to improve their vocabulary and give free rein to their imagination.

Would you rather...

  • Be captured by aliens for a day, although nobody around you believes what happened and thinks you’re a liar or be captured by aliens and people think you have become one of them and want to isolate you and analyze you
  • Relive the same prank every day for 1 year or never hear a funny joke for 1 year
  • Have everyone pretend you are invisible for 1 month without your knowledge or have everyone pretend you smell like rotten eggs for 1 month without telling you the truth?
  • Be the only person in the world to have seen the real Loch Ness monster but can’t ever say anything to anyone about it or be the only person in the world who doesn’t know that Santa Claus doesn’t exist
  • Be an alien from another planet, disguised as a human, but never find out until you are 30 years old or be paid $1 million to go to Mars with a crew but can never return home to Earth



Commented mediagraphy

Internet links, including videos, quizzes, reports, etc.

Text and activities in HTML format

The activity book to project in HTML format with corrections displayed one by one.