Unit 2 - Medieval Times

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Unit 2 - Medieval Times

In this unit, students will read texts about chivalry, King Richard I, the Order of the Garter, the plague, medicine of the Middle Ages and dragons. Throughout the unit, students will explore two information-based texts, one biography, two newspaper articles, one interview in the form of a comic strip and one letter.



Here is the content of the Digital Teacher's Toolkit ''Pour l'enseignant":


1. Reproductible material

  • Pedagogical notes
  • Support | All texts, questions and exercices in the activity book are modified for students who have difficulties
  • Enrichment | An additional text including questions and consolidation activities, is available for student who need more challenges
  • Grammar exercices
    • Simple past tense – Regular vs. Irregular verbs
    • Simple past tense – Affirmative form
    • Simple past tense – Negative and interrogative forms
    • Plural of nouns
    • Count nouns vs. Non-count nouns
  • Mini-grammar tests
  • Texts and questions to print (Knights and New Order Created)
  • Answer Key



2. Material to project in class

Interactive grammar tools | To energize the teaching of grammar.

Project this interactive tool in the classroom, which allows you to virtually manipulate words based on various grammatical concept:

  • English verb tenses
  • Pronouns and possessives
  • Pronunciation of regular verbs
  • Plural forms of nouns
  • Spelling of -ing and -ed forms
  • Asking questions



Would you Rather...? activities | Fun interactive activities linked to the theme that stimulate conversation.

Let your students have zany conversations and debate over odd subjects with this interactive version of the popular Would You Rather game. It’s a playful way to improve their vocabulary and give free rein to their imagination.

Would you rather...

  • Be a knight who only ever fights for the king or the king of an entire land who is in charge forever?
  • Be the richest prince/princess in the world but never fall in love or the poorest person living in the kingdom but have found true love?
  • Be a crocodile in a moat that protects a castle or a knight’s horse that he rides into battle?
  • Be in a battle with a bow and arrow that shoots flowers or with a sword made of licorice?
  • Be the ugliest prince/princess but be free to live anywhere in the world or the most beautiful prince/princess who must stay inside the castle walls for eternity?



Commented mediagraphy

Internet links, including videos, quizzes, reports, etc.

Text and activities in HTML format

The activity book to project in HTML format with corrections displayed one by one.