Satisfying Consumer Needs 2ND EDITION (ANG-1101-4)

The Connecting Doors Collection complies with the Diversified Basic Education Program.

The new edition of this workbook has been streamlined to correspond more closely to classroom reality while also complying with the English as a Second Language program for adult education. The workbook provides activities to develop English language skills that will be useful in real-life situations, especially in customer service where students will have to speak, listen and write. The workbook also contains grammar exercises and vocabulary-building activities.


  • Well-rounded plan that complies with the program

  • Texts and activities that students can carry over to their daily lives

  • Clear structure for each activity


NEW! Codes in the workbook provide direct access to online listening activities without the need to purchase any additional CDs


Cahier d'activités pour l'élève Connecting Doors ​- Satisfying Consumer Needs à lire sur une tablette ou sur un ordinateur. Version PDF non imprimable. Ce document peut être utilisé avec le logiciel Word Q.

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Student Workbook in paper version.

The digital teaching guide includes :


  • An answer key for all exercises and activities in both student workbooks 
  • Additional learning situations, grammar exercises and vocabulary activities for students at the Presecondary level (Opening New Doors ANG-P101-4)
  • Five new learning situations (one per chapter), which allow students to practise going through the various steps required for the final evaluation, based upon familiar texts and themes
  • A teacher’s guide and answer key to go with each new learning situation
  • All audio recordings (MP3) of listening activities in the student Workbook
  • The transcripts of all content on the audio recordings for all listening activities, to allow students to develop their listening skills while they read the texts
  • A “cloze” version of the listening transcripts, which provides a slightly greater challenge to students who continue to require the written word support as they develop listening skills
  • An essential knowledge guide that describes how each component of the essential knowledge is introduced in the collection
  • A progress chart designed to facilitate the tracking of student progress and grouping in all oral interaction activities and learning situations


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