Home Sweet Home

The Collection

My Stories is a collection of stories for Cycle 2 that explores a variety of themes and subjects. Some of the stories are light and fun; others look at serious issues many students have to deal with. They are all of high-interest to students aged 8-10.

Integrated in the stories are learning strategies, functional language, vocabulary and grammar in line with the Progression of Learning. As well, reproducible material accompanies each story. 

My Stories offers teachers the freedom to select the stories that best complement their teaching. There is no fixed order, but the
stories are classified as easy, medium or more difficult. 

My Stories, a great way to develop C2 and continue what was learned in Cycle 1!

The Story

Level of Difficulty : More difficult

Description :  After wanting a dog for a very long time, Cassie finally got one. Then, one day, it ran away...

Functional Language, vocabulary and grammar : 

  • Birthdays
  • Pets
  • Emotions
  • Dates
  • Simple Past Tense
  • Wants and needs


Format : Notebook and Flipchart

Teacher's Guide

  • Pedagogical notes
  • Vocabulary reinvestment activities
  • Generic checklist for evaluation
  • Answer Key

À projeter
Le format à projeter sur TNI comprend l'histoire Home Sweet Home​ (pour l'ActivBoard et le SmartBoard) ainsi qu'un guide d'exploitation pédagogique (PDF).