Examining Issues 2nd Edition

| Connecting Doors | Adulte 5 | English

Connecting Doors covers the complete Diversified Basic Education Program for ESL courses for adult education.

The Connecting Doors series integrates grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking tasks based on real-life situations.

The new edition of Examining Issues has been fully revised and updated to meet the needs of teachers and students, even in the context of multilevel classrooms.

Changes have focused on structuring each chapter as a cohesive learning situation that begins with a real-life scenario and continues to guide students toward the completion of a specific task. The reading, listening and speaking activities presented in the learning situation prepare students to organize information from written and oral texts, develop ideas, build vocabulary and follow language structures in order to succeed in their end-of-course evaluation.

New! Codes in the workbook provide direct access to online listening activities without the need to purchase any additional CDs.


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