Examining Issues 2nd Edition

| Connecting Doors | Adulte 5 | English

New edition of Examining Issues (ANG-5101-2) for the Diversified Basic Education Program!

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Discover the components of the collection:

  • ''Papier'': The workbook Examining Issues (ANG-5101-2) in printed version.
  • ''Pour l'élève numérique'': The workbook Examining Issues (ANG-5101-2) in PDF version.
  • ''Guide-corrigé numérique'': the teaching guide in digital version


The student workbook Examining Issues


In this course, students will examine a number of social issues. They will make use of the readings, listening, activities and oral interactions in order to think seriously about the topics presented in the learning situations. They may find new ways of looking at a given situation and perhaps reconsider their own points of view.


This workbook has five learning situations.

  • In Learning Situation 1, students research the global economy in order to decide if it leads to mostly positive or negative impacts on themselves and their community.
  • In Learning Situation 2, students research the problem of economic inequality from different perspectives.
  • In Learning Situation 3, students explore the concept of sustainable development and find ways our society might achieve this goal.
  • In Learning Situation 4, students explore the fascinating world of languages, including topics such
  • as language loss, linguistic diversity and second-language skills.
  • In Learning Situation 5, students consider various aspects of the issue of abuse in order to be better equipped to respond to situations characterized by abusive behaviour.


The first few pages of each learning situation contain the expected learning outcomes, provide the real-life situation and offer a sample text as a model for the final task. Subsequent learning activities provide guidance, suggest learning strategies and offer additional background information that will help students complete the final task.


The 2nd edition of the student’s workbook ANG-5101-2 Examining Issues is proposing the following changes:
  • Each chapter have been structured as a cohesive learning situation that begins with a real-life scenario and continues to guide students toward the completion of a specific task;
  • The reading, listening and speaking activities presented in the learning situation prepare students to organize information from written and oral texts, develop ideas, build vocabulary and follow language structures in order to succeed in their end-of-course evaluation;
  • Codes in the workbook provide direct access to online listening activities without the need to purchase any additional CD’s. 



Digital Teacher’s Guide
The digital teaching guide includes:

  • An Answer Key for all exercises and activities in the Student Workbook;
  • Two new Learning Evaluation Situation (LES) that allows students to prepare for the final evaluation;
  • Transcripts of all content on the audio recordings for all activities, to help students develop their listening skills while they read the text;
  • A Progress Chart to structure oral communications activities.