Current Events

New!  The new student workbook Current Events Supplementary Courses, is added to Connecting Doors Series

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Discover the components of the collection:

  • ''Papier'': The workbook Current Events (ANG-5106-2) in printed version.
  • ''Pour l'élève numérique'': The workbook Current Events (ANG-5106-2) in PDF version.
  • ''Guide-corrigé numérique'': the teaching guide in digital version


The student workbook Current Events

In this course, students will explore the world of news creation and diffusion, both today and in the past. By engaging in a variety of real-life learning situations that involve reading and listening to a mix of authentic texts (such as news articles, editorials, debates and podcasts), students will apply their new awareness of media literacy to understanding and interpreting local, national and international current events. They will share their analysis of current events by participating in structured oral interaction activities.

This workbook has four learning situations.

The first few pages of each learning situation contain the expected learning outcomes, a real-life situation and a sample text. Subsequent learning activities are organized in a similar fashion to previous workbooks in the Connecting Doors series.

Each learning situation focuses on one particular communication or learning strategy. The ''Focus on strategies'' section allows students to further their understanding of the strategy and provides them with practice using the strategy in a specific context.

The activities are divided into three sections:

  • A- Plan: In the ''Plan'' section, students will think about the situation, try to recall past experiences, give an opinion on a topic or practise the vocabulary needed for the activity.
  • B- Use: In the ''Use'' section, students will mobilize strategies and resources to complete the activity, such as responding to a text.
  • C- Reinvest: In the ''Reinvest'' section, students will apply what they have learned to a new situation by completing a short task or reflecting on the topic in a new way.


To develop skills, vocabulary and knowledge, students will need to accomplish reading, listening and writing activities. Each listening activities includes an audio tracks which can be access easily with a code provided in the student workbook.

At the end of each learning situation, students complete a final oral or writing task. Also, the ''Review'' section provides them an additional opportunity to practise and confirm their understanding of the grammar and vocabulary.

In addition, each learning situations includes:

  • Grammar - Advanced grammar notions followed by exercises are introduced or reviewed throughout the workbook.
  • Oral practice - In preparation for the final task, students are invited to share their ideas and experiences in a guided oral interaction with other students or the teacher.
  • Word Bank - The Word Bank is a short list of words or expressions that provides options for students as
    they complete the writing activities.
  • Vocabulary Box - The Vocabulary Box helps students understand a word in a text.
  • ICT Challenge - The ICT Challenge involves activities that will require the use of information and
    communication technologies in order to expand skills and knowledge in a particular area.
  • Self-Evaluation -  To conclude, there is a section in which students can evaluate their progress and comment on the learning situation.


The end of the workbook includes the following sections:

  • Grammar review - The ''Grammar review'' section is for reference and practice. It will help students find and use the correct word, expression or verb tense, as required in the writing task.
  • Glossary - Most of the difficult words in the book are explained in French in the glossary. This will help students understand the instructions and texts. Words that are English and French cognates are not included in the glossary.


Digital Teacher’s Guide
The digital teaching guide includes:


  • An Answer Key for all exercises and activities in the Student Workbook;
  • Two Evaluation Situations including a Teacher’s Guide.
  • Transcripts of all audio content, to support the development of listening skills.