Between the Lines - 4e secondaire

This second edition of the Between the Lines series helps students acquire knowledge in order to develop ESL competencies.
This text-based activity book proposes a variety of text types and topics.
The response process for each text is divided into four phases.

BEFORE Reading
This section encourages students to explore the texts and interact orally with the class about open-ended questions.

WHILE Reading
This section directs students to use reading strategies, which are designed to help them understand the texts.

AFTER Reading
This section reinvests understanding of texts and looks into their literal and underlying meaning before providing comprehension activities.

A STEP Forward
This section reinvests understanding of texts and delves into their underlying meaning. Further questions establish personal connections and then generalize beyond the texts. They are separated into two parts. Part A is intended to be written and Part B to be done orally. This section also provides enrichment questions.


Feuilletez le cahier en entier:

PAPER (Papier)
Text-Based Activity Book for the student in paper format.

The answer key for the activity book in PDF.


The Between the Lines Activity Book is completed by the Teacher’s Toolkit, which proposes:

  • Projector (Le projecteur)
    • The activity book projected in HTML format with corrections displayed one by one
    •  Access to the scheduler to select the parts to be worked on and to integrate its own content.


  • Downloads (Fiches à télécharger)
    • Pedagogical notes
    • Support | The Reading Task Sheets will guide the students through the reading strategies proposed for each text. The strategies are well explained with short activities planned to help the students put each strategy into practice. These Reading Task Sheets will assist the students throughout their readings, text comprehension activities, questions and further exercises.
    • Enrichment | One or more enrichment projects are proposed for each unit. Students’ projects include researches, written compositions, oral presentations, or artistic creations. Each project includes handouts with step-by-step descriptions to facilitate the completion of each task. These projects are designed to challenge students into going further and bettering themselves.
    • Grammar exercises for each unit
    • Evaluations for each unit that include tasks to test the three ESL skills and a mini-grammar test. The evaluations use the last text of each unit of the activity book.
    • Evaluation grids for each competency
    • The answer key for the activity book


Cahier de compréhension de textes pour l'élève Between the Lines​ à lire sur une tablette ou sur un ordinateur. Version PDF non imprimable. Ce document peut être utilisé avec le logiciel Word Q.

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