Between the Lines - Secondary 1

Improved concept, new texts and more strategies

Between the Lines facilitates comprehension of the texts through:

  • Reading strategies that highlight the three tenses : past, present and future (before, while and after reading)
  • Topics that pique students’ curiosity
  • International Baccalaureate-based enrichment

A digital teaching guide that integrates differential instruction (enrichment and support) and grammar exercises is also available to help students acquire new vocabulary.

Reading comprehension book for the student in paper version.

Answer key of the reading comprehension book for the student in paper version.


Cahier de compréhension de textes pour l'élève Between the Lines à lire sur une tablette ou sur un ordinateur. Version PDF non imprimable. Ce document peut être utilisé avec le logiciel Word Q.



Projectable Version (IWB)

The Between the Lines text-based activity book is also available in a projectable version with the teacher's toolkit. It can be used with all interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and video projectors. This format allows teachers to project the activity book and to show the answer key, while using the IWB tools (e.g. pen, highlighter). A navigation menu enables users to find pages in the activity book easily and to vary the magnification of the page.

Teacher's Toolkit

Pedagogical notes for each unit of the Between the Lines text-based activity book are available in PDF format. The Teacher’s Toolkit also includes the following material in reproducible and modifiable Word format:

  • The texts from the activity book are modified for students who need support
  • New texts with consolidation activities for students who need enrichment activities
  • Grammar exercises
  • Mini-tests and term evaluations

​*The student activity book Answer Key is included in the digital guide.


Corrigé en format PDF