An Issue Close to My Heart

New!  The new student workbook An Issue Close to My Heart Supplementary Courses, is added to Connecting Doors Series

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The An Issue Close to my Heart supplementary course meets the needs of teachers and students following the Diversified Basic Education Program for English as a Second Language, even in the context of multilevel classrooms. 

Discover the components of the collection:

  • ''Papier'': The workbook An Issue Close to My Heart (ANG-4104-2) in printed version.
  • ''Pour l'élève numérique'': The workbook An Issue Close to My Heart (ANG-4104-2) in PDF version.
  • ''Guide-corrigé numérique'': the teaching guide in digital version


The student workbook An Issue Close to My Heart

In this course, students will engage in reading, listening and speaking activities on a wide variety of themes that will provoke reflection and interaction on personally relevant issues. While participating in oral communication activities, such discussions and podcasts, and writing original texts, such as pamphlets, blog posts and magazine articles, students will share their thoughts and opinions as well as listen to the ideas of their classmates. Discussion topics include aspects of personal appearance, the impact of marketing and the elements of healthy relationships.

This workbook has four learning situations.


  • In Learning Situation 1, students discuss themes related to personal appearance, the impact of one’s appearance and personal choice. They explore how they themselves and others react to people’s appearance.
  • In Learning Situation 2, students learn about certain issues raised by advertising. They discover how people feel about online publicity, how advertising can affect us and how companies use certain techniques to influence us.
  • In Learning Situation 3, students express their points of view and feelings about getting along with the people around them, and prepare an action plan to promote change for the better.
  • In Learning Situation 4, students learn about the important issue of teen health. They examine information on how a community can promote teen health, why action is needed, what can be done and who can support it.


The first few pages of each learning situation contain the expected learning outcomes, provide real-life situations and offer a sample text. Subsequent learning activities are organized in a similar fashion to previous workbooks in the Connecting Doors series.


Codes in the workbook provide direct access to online listening activities without the need to purchase any additional CD’s.


Digital Teacher’s Guide

The digital teaching guide includes;

  • An Answer Key for all exercises and activities in the Student Workbook;
  • Two Evaluation Situations including a Teacher’s Guide.
  • Transcripts of all audio content, to support the development of listening skills.