Between the Lines | A Collection Adapted to Your Teaching Style


Between the Lines facilitates comprehension of the texts through:

  • Reading strategies that highlight the three tenses: past, present and future (before, while and after reading)
  • Topics that pique students’ curiosity


Whether you choose the complete collection (for the whole year)

or individual units (à la carte) here is the content of the Digital Teacher's Toolkit (Pour l'enseignant)


Material to project in class

  • Interactive grammar tools
  • Would you rather...? activities
  • Internet links, including videos, quizzes, reports, etc.
  • Texts and activities in HTML format
  • Interactive PDF of the activity book (in the complete collection only)


Reproductible material

  • Pedagogical notes
  • Differential instruction (enrichment and support)
  • Grammar exercises for each unit
  • Mini-grammar tests for each unit
  • Three evaluations that include tasks to test the three ESL skills with evaluation grids for each competency (in the complete collection only)
  • Some texts and questions to print (in individual units only)
  • Answer key


Would you rather...?

Fun interactive activities linked to the themes that stimulate conversation


The interactive grammar tool : to energize the teaching of grammar

Project this interactive tool in the classroom, which allows you to virtually manipulate words based on various grammatical concepts.